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Why I'm Running

Before being elected to the position of Secretary of State, I served as First Assistant Secretary of State since 2010. 


I understand what I risk by doing this, but I know how important this office is. I know how to do this job, and I don’t think there is any question that I am the only person in this race qualified to lead this office.


I am not running for this office as a stepping stone. I love this office and I have dedicated nearly a decade of my life to it. I know what I’m doing and we do this job well. 


People come from around the world to see how Louisiana elections work. With upgrades to our voting machines coming and those who are threatening to disrupt our election process, we need a steady hand in the Secretary of State’s office. I have the experience needed to keep this office on course.


If I am elected, that won’t stop. This office and its duties are too important to be put at risk. That’s why I’m running.

2018 07-22 Kyle Ardoin Sign 24x18 v2-1.jpg
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